Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I understand why you used to threaten to throw all of our toys away when we were kids.  We thought it was unfair and ridiculous, but I see it clearly now.  I understand why you expected us to help with the chores. 

Sometimes, it’s just too much for one woman to handle.  I’m beginning to think that maybe you were the Asian Superwoman.

I get it now. Even though we had a ton of toys, you still continued to buy us the new ones because we just had to have them. I understand because even though my kids have mountains of things, we continue to add more things.

The proof that mountains can grow is in each of their rooms.

In fact, it has now gone beyond their rooms.  There is even a mountain of toys that started growing in front of the bathroom door today.


These kids are small, but mighty mom. You should be so proud. They moved those there all by themselves today. I had them neatly put away in Jackson’s new toy box.

I’m amazed how easily these children move mountains. They do it so quickly and so effortlessly.

Much more quickly than I was, when I spent hours putting everything away only days before.

I have been working on getting Ashley to start helping by cleaning up her own room. Take a look at what a great job she did.


She says this is clean because before she pushed the mountains of toys against walls, I couldn’t even walk through the door and get to the bed.

So mom, I understand now. Perhaps it took me 32 years, but you can write that one off of your list.

Your daughter Michelle

Time Flies

Time Flies QuoteI came across this quote today and I really enjoyed it.

I think back on childhood and I wonder where the time has gone.  It’s like one day, out of no where, it was over.  Think about the future, say eighteen years from now.  It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?  Eighteen years seem so far away.  That’s what childhood was though.  We had eighteen years of it and it came and went, just like that.

I see the adorable posts of newborn babies on Facebook, swaddled in their hospital blankets and in the blink of an eye, they are suddenly walking.  After a few more blinks, they are off to school.

My own children seemed to have grown in a flash.  It was only 14 months ago that my son was a newborn, wrapped up in his hospital blanket and seeing the world for the first time.  Now he is walking up and down stairs, getting into mischief and tormenting his big sister.  I never expected any of that to be happening so soon!  My children are growing so fast, and maybe we did too.  Maybe our parents feel the same way.

I have never asked my parents if they felt like that period of time flew by; The period of time they spent raising us.  I have strangers, whose children have grown, approach me and are always saying,  “Enjoy them now, they will not stay that little forever.”

I believe them.  If nearly two decades of childhood seemed to have flown by for us, imagine how quickly it will seem now that we are raising children.  Maybe one day we’ll wake up to an empty house and wonder where the time has gone all over again.  Try to envision yourself twenty years older with children who have grown and left the nest.  It’s tough to imagine isn’t it?

This quote though, it is a good reminder that you are in control of the time you do have here.  You can use that time however you please.  There are places to be seen, things to be done, and maybe even relationships in need of mending.  Create a list of what you would like to do with the time you have now if you have to.  Map it out, because you are the pilot of your time.

How will you choose to spend it?