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Picture Poetry, Preserve Self


Poetry is beautiful.  It is real, witty and sometimes, even cute.  It is comfort food for the soul.

Poetry can make you smile or laugh.  It can bring back memories of good times or help you through the bad times.  Poetry is sad.  It can trigger thoughts of lost love, or that special lost someone.  Poetry can make you weep.  Poetry can touch the walls of your heart, break right through those walls and expose feelings and emotions to help cleanse the soul and clear the mind. Poetry is like a good friend.

The great thing about poetry is that it is all original.  Poetry embodies thoughts and feelings and beautifully orchestrates them to make one whole piece of art, like notes on a music sheet coming together to make a beautiful song. Poetry can make a reader feel something, while subduing other feelings; Especially if that reader can relate to that particular piece directly.

Sometimes when I am inspired to do so, I write poetry myself.  When I am not inspired to do so, I search the web or look for books in bookstores for different poems that relate to how I am feeling.  Not only does poetry so beautifully depict one’s feelings, it can also help one realize they are not alone in this world.  That there are others out there who have felt and expressed the very things you may be feeling.  They have put those emotions and thoughts into words; The words that you may not have even began to know how to express or say yourself.

Poetry is inspiration, an outlet and a friend who helps you through happy and rough times.  This page of my blog is dedicated to poetry and things that inspire.

-Robert Frost-

Robert Frost


Copyright, 2007

Poetry brings back memories.


Copyright, 2003

Copyright, 2003

Random, Beautiful Words

I think I was a poet in a past life :) I love poetry.

To compile all my poems and have them bound for each one of my kids





Picture This, Learn more about yourself, Preserve Self

Life is Art in Motion; Constant, yet Ever-Changing

Close your eyes and think of the sky. Imagine you are lying on the grass, back side against the ground, looking straight up, and tell me what you see.  What do you imagine the sky to look like? I will close my eyes too, for only a moment.

The Sky I Imagine

I imagine this sky as a daytime sky, just after sunrise but before afternoon. It is an endless, bright blue hue, stretching as far and wide as my eyes can see, full of white clouds so fluffy they appear almost solid. From the right corner of my view I envision branches peaking over, with leaves shading over my head just perfectly enough to keep the sun from blinding my sight. As I lie on the soft, green grass I feel at peace.  The air is fresh, like the smell of freshly mowed grass or morning dew on a spring morning and the temperature is cool, with just enough heat from the sun to shine over and blanket my body with warmth. It is quiet.  There are no neighbors hammering, no birds chirping, no bees buzzing,  no insects pestering.  Aside from the occasional breeze, which creates just enough bustle in the leaves to convince me this vision may be real, for the most part, the air is still.  In fact, during this moment, under this sky, the world seems so still that I can actually hear my own thoughts.  I am at such peace, that not only can I hear my own thoughts, but I can think clearly, period. There are no distractions, no dead-lines, no anxieties, no worries.  Not here, not under this sky.  This is how I imagine it.  This is the sky that lingers over me in my small, miniscule area of this world, this universe, this infinite eternity of possibilities. I am happy here, under this sky.

When you close your eyes, run with the imagined sky that first comes to mind. Go with that.  It may just open your eyes to something you are searching for in your current life. For this, it is best to simply close your eyes and imagine your sky and your mind will create the rest if you look around the world in this vision.

Not everyone will picture a bright, blue sky full of white fluffy clouds.  Some of you will see a sky full of colors with hues of pink, or lavender, different shades of blue.  Some will envision a morning sky and see the colors of sunrise on a hot summer day.  Others will imagine the night sky, full of twinkling stars; A big, bright moon above, shining its massive silver light over that small part of the world, like a night-light, in the place you call home. There are those who will imagine a stormy sky, full of dark rain clouds and some may even imagine being rained on in this vision.  Some of your visions will include the sounds of nature, like roosters crowing, birds chirping, the trickling sound of water from a creek or the sounds of waves in the ocean splashing.  There will be some of you who will even hear or see other people in this vision.  You may hear those neighbors hammering, people chattering, cell phones ringing or traffic buzzing.

The great part about this is the simple fact that the possibilities are endless and that there is no right or wrong answer.  You will imagine whatever you will imagine, and as long as it is not a forced imagination (keep the first sky you freely and automatically imagine) you may learn a thing or two about yourself.  From what I naturally envisioned, under my sky for example, I learned that I am longing for peace, quiet, and free time.  In other words, my “Preservation of Self” time. This is what my heart desires at this moment, so that is what I need.  Being the mom of an energetic 5-year-old and having a 1-year-old boy to chase around leaves me wanting to pull my hair out at times.  Trying to keep up with the housework, cooking and quality time with the family is a rat race in itself, on most days.  I do need a break soon for peace and quiet and if not to keep my sanity, but to at least be able to think peacefully, without worry, stress or a dead-line on my mind.

So, how about you give it a shot now?  It won’t take long.  When the kids are napping or occupied, take some time to just sit, relax your mind, close those eyes and imagine the sky you are under.

Modern Writer

What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. #timeisvaluable #todayisagift

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