Been busy…

one cup love one ounce timeMy car got stuck at the end of the driveway again.  This is the 2nd time this winter so far, which is a lot for me….considering that I haven’t gotten out much this year.  I pulled the parking brake up and left it there.  There’s not much I can do about it right now because I had my 1-year-old with me and a gallon a milk I had just picked up for him from the store (daddy is at work).

I figured since it’s raining today that it would be easier to get around since the snow is turning to slush, but that theory must not apply to someone who needs two new front tires.  I was slipping and sliding all over that driveway.

It felt like one of those cheap rides that cost a penny at the grocery store or toy store.  You know, they’re also in little sections of the mall (only they cost way more than a penny there).  My Jeep (that’s not a 4×4) would move forward a little, sort of tilt, and then move back again.  I think my son enjoyed the ride.

Anyways, so I wanted to say that I’ve been pretty busy lately.  My kids, as usual, keep me on my toes daily, but we all got hit with some winter sickness that lasted weeks.  Finally, we’ve pretty much recovered.  Hopefully that bug stays away from us for the rest of the winter (fingers crossed).  Also, I started a new blog a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a blog to represent my love for photography, cooking and baking. So, basically, it’s a food blog.

Let me just say this.  That blog is proving to be more of a challenge than this one ever was.  I love doing it though.  I mean, I love food and I love to cook and bake anyways, so it’s fun sharing recipes.  I have also come to discover how much I really love photography.  I’m saving up for a nice camera and I can’t wait to get one.  It’s really neat how you can bring out the creative side of you that you maybe never knew about.  I am aware that I can be creative, but I never knew I could be with food photography until I gave it a shot.

You see, it never hurts to try something new, huh?  Imagine all of the things you haven’t tried that you may be really great at.  Something to think about I should say.

Well, I just wanted to post an update.  Oh, if you get a chance you should come take a look at the new blog.  It’s at (also a WordPress blog).  It’s where you can see more of the picture I added to this post.  I’m working on building new website through that’s already hosted, but that’s going to take some time, considering the fact that I have no clue how to code.  One thing you should know about me though is, when I want to do something, I will learn how to do it.  I’ve been teaching myself and I’ve learned a lot already.

I can’t wait to get all this work done.  Since the family is feeling better again, hopefully I’ll have some time to post more here.  Inspiration is a fickle thing when a virus comes to town.

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