Possibility is Endless

Possibility is EndlessThis town is slush.  The snowstorm brought several inches of snow last week and then came the rain.  On my drive the other day, everything was a haze.

When rain and warmer temps met with the snow, a foggy steam-like mist was created.

I looked across an open field, and couldn’t tell the difference between sky and land.  The colors matched perfectly and everything in between land and sky was masked by this haze.

It was like a picture of space, only everything was white, and of course, there were no stars.  It looked as if it was endless and infinite.

It made me feel like possibility itself really is endless.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a thing before.  What I mean is, I’ve never looked out my window in this state and not seen an array of color.

Or maybe, I just wasn’t ready to pay attention to those things before.

The route to my moms place from here takes us by a wind farm.  There are giant poles cemented in the fields that stretch for miles and miles.  Blades that spin like a helicopters propellers on the front of each one.

I couldn’t even see those through this haze.  Those giant, man-made industrial looking creations.  Planted in farmland, sprouting up as far as the eye can see, like giant flowers; Massive, colorless pin wheels made of steel.

It made me feel like we really know how to take away from what is natural and beautiful in this world.

Right now, this town is slush.  My brain is mush from the gray and white, the blandness of my view from the window.  But, I’m still grateful to be here.

To be in this town of slush, with this brain of mush, in this state of farm-land and giant, steel pin wheels.  To have seen sky blend with land.  To feel like possibility is endless.

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