10 Things My Children Have Taught Me

  1. 10 Things my Children have taught me  That these three, 4-letter words:  Love, Hope, & Fear mean more than you ever realized prior to having children.
  2. That we, as adults complicate the simplest of ideas or processes.  Children teach you how simple things can be.  For example, my daughter says quitting smoking should be easy.  She tells my parents that all they have to do to quit is to stop buying them and stop smoking them.  You can’t really argue with that, huh?
  3. That even when placed in an empty, padded room, I can assure you that they will still manage to find a way to get hurt.
  4. They can manage to break, disappear, squeeze through something, spill or color on something in the time it takes you to reach down to pick something up.  You have to keep a constant eye on them.  I have even been working on blinking one eye at a time to reduce the amount of “accidents” that happen.
  5. They will have to urinate or have a bowel movement the second you pull that soiled diaper off them.  It will either get on you, your floor, or in the fresh diaper you just put them in.
  6. That you are not allowed to relax, do anything for yourself, eat anything by yourself, without involving them in some way or being asked for something.
  7. They will always love you.  Even when you tell them no or tell them they are wrong.
  8. You will always love them.  Even when they tell you no or tell you that you are wrong.
  9. That life is full of ideas and concepts even you have never thought of, or had long forgotten.  Children open your eyes and mind to a world you have forgotten; The world through the eyes of a child.
  10. That you are stronger, more patient, more understanding, more selfless, and more loving than you think you are.

Of course, there is so much more that my children have taught me.  I couldn’t possibly list everything and as time progresses and they grow, I am learning new things every day.

We often times focus on everything we need to teach our children and don’t even realize all the things having children has taught us.  Making a list such as this one can really help put things into perspective, and can add a little humor to parenthood as well.

What have you learned from your children?  What has being a parent taught you?

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