We survived hosting our first Thanksgiving.  It was actually really great. We could not be more full;  Full of food and full of happy thoughts.

Ryan brought the turkey over to his parent’s place this morning and they took the neck and innards out.  He said it was embarrassing because everything but the neck was bagged inside and it was super quick and simple.  No one told us these things, but now we know!

The only thing I really had to cook today was the turkey, which took about 4 hours.  The rest of it I had prepared last night and all it needed was to be warmed up in the oven or boiled on the stove, which made things very simple.  I am still exhausted though, but it’s worth it.  Dinner was excellent and I’m SO glad I didn’t ruin the turkey.

My brother called and surprised us with a visit.  I hadn’t seen him in over a year.  He lives in Tennessee with his family because he is stationed at Fort Campbell.  He is about to get deployed for another year so it was really nice to see him.  I’m pretty thankful that he took the time to visit while he was in town.

After Thanksgiving dinner had been eaten and cleaned up, I baked a cake to celebrate my dad’s birthday, which is tomorrow.  Since he is in town from Kentucky and everyone was already here, it only made sense to celebrate it today.  I was already pretty tired when I decided to bake it, and that was apparent when I nearly ruined the thing.

I was flipping the cake over to get it out of the pan and onto a cake sheet and when I lifted up to pat and release the cake, my oven mitt slipped off and I dropped the pan back onto the cake.  I frantically tried to pick it up, but the pan was still hot to the touch so I jerked my hand away and knocked over a drink that was next to the oven on the counter.  The drink then spilled onto the counter and pooled where my phone was sitting.  I then quickly picked my phone up, dried it off and cleaned up the spill.  The cake ended up cracking and crumbling so in order to keep it together, I started caking on the frosting I had made, even though the cake hadn’t completely cooled yet.  This caused the frosting to end up slightly runny (but it filled in the cracks), so my sister and I stuck some candles in it and quickly lit them so we could hurry and eat the thing.  It was really good, even if it didn’t look so perfect!

Anyhow, everyone but my daughter and me are in bed now and she is ready to crash.  Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving and made some really great memories today.  Although we don’t have everything we want in life, it does feel good to feel truly thankful for everything we do have.  This is because what we have is priceless (family and friends), and these things are truly irreplaceable.

To those of you who partake in the Black Friday madness, good luck. I have never been brave enough or wanted anything bad enough to shop on Black Friday.  The news makes it looks so crazy, so be careful and have fun!

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