Falling into Fall Fun!

Okay, so maybe the official first day of fall was on September 22nd, but for most of us here in Indiana, it isn’t fall until Mother Nature shows us it is.  The leaves here are just now starting to change in color.  We have four seasons here with very distinct weather changes, which some of us really love and some of us hate (because of the winter snow).  In my home, we absolutely love fall.  We love everything about it; the leaves changing colors, the pumpkin patches, Halloween festivities, warm apple cider on a cool day, Halloween costume parties, trick-or-treating, raking up all the colorful leaves that have fallen off trees into one HUGE pile and jumping around in it with the kids, opening every window in the house and snuggling up under the covers and decorating the house and lawn with everything that screams, “It’s Fall and WE love this season!”

As I was having my morning cup of coffee (with pumpkin pie flavored creamer), it occurred to me that today is, in fact, October 1st which made me then imagine all of the fun places and things we could do as a family this season.  There’s a park down south called, Hoosier National Park (an area also known as Brown County) and a small town near that called Nashville.  Nashville is filled with several blocks of simple, yet adorable shops filled with many things made locally and fall is usually this town’s busiest season for visitors.  It may not seem like much to some, but overall it has a quaint sense of charm.  There is a shop there that sells nuts, almost any nut you can think of, hot and fresh out of the oil and scooped into a brown paper bag for you to enjoy as you walk the streets.  There is also an ice cream shop that serves homemade ice cream and the pumpkin ice cream is the best thing since sliced bread there during this season.  Shops filled with handcrafted jewelry made by the locals are also popular there.  One year I purchased an Oak leaf necklace and when I say Oak leaf, I do mean that it was an actual leaf from an Oak tree that had been dipped in silver and made into a beautiful necklace.  The kids usually have a great time there, but it’s also a good place to go with your significant other as there are many scenic/romantic views in the state park and several local wineries to visit.  Pumpkin Patches and pumpkin carving is another fun thing we can look forward to this season.  This will be the first year our baby boy, Jackson, will be able to have a little fun with pumpkins and all the fall festivities.

Although the year is coming to an end, it is exciting to imagine all of the potential and time we still have left for making memories this year.  It’s funny how sometimes, you can look forward to making the memories, yet sometimes be so involved in the process and action of doing so, that you completely fail to remember to capture those memories in pictures.  Please remember to take pictures this year and during the entire holiday season (Don’t worry. I’m yelling this at myself)!

Happy Fall to All!

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